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Nov. 10th, 2014


Dearest Friends,

As a follower and supporter of the Hawk Creek Animal Shelter, you know in at least a general way about our work and why it’s so important.

But what about your friends? Do you ever get a chance to tell them about us?

Recently, our funding from the City of Willmar was in doubt. To lose that would have greatly impacted our operations in a highly negative way.

Happily, the funding was restored. But it’s always possible that politics can move us in danger sometime in the future.

That’s why it’s important to ask you to help us tell our story. You don’t have to be a fundraiser or salesperson. If you can just tell your friends why we are a cause worthy of your support and ask them to help us, it will be of enormous benefit to the Shelter.

So here’s a Happy Tales story to share this Holiday season. Please take a few minutes to send this out and share on social media, and to ask your circle of friends to help us out.

Remember, our mission is all about companions like Missy, and the forever homes we seek to find for them.

Bobbie and the Staff and Board of Directors
Hawk Creek Animal Shelter

P.S. – If you have yet to make your year-end donation, will you do so today? You can stop by the Shelter, send us a check to PO Box 709, Willmar, MN 56201, or donate below . Thank you!

Here’s Missy’s story:
Missy was surrendered to the shelter by her owners as they were no longer able to care for her medical needs.

Here is Missy when she arrived:
Here is Missy 4 months later while she was still at the shelter:
And here is Missy in her new home and a message from her new owner:

"Hi.  I just wanted to drop a note to let you know Missy (we call her Maizy) is still doing wonderful here. I attached a picture of her with our two other dogs Olive and Bella. They get along great though getting them all to sit still for a picture was interesting ;) We just got her into the vet this last Friday so our vet has her entire history and will be working with us to keep her healthy. I can't say enough good things about her. She has adjusted well here and is really starting to come out of her shell showing us her playful side. :) She loves the kids and the other pets. She is so well behaved. We just love her!!! Can't thank you enough for letting us adopt her!! :)"


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Good Thru Dec. 31st, 2014

Our Schwans' campaign starts Monday November 10th!

Order Schwans online and a percentage comes back to the shelter. Visit Enter  Campaign ID: 16031 into the search box located in the upper right hand corner, then click to open the campaign. Click the "Buy Now" button to purchase an eCertificate or the  "Shop Now" button to place a product order. OR call  1-855-870-7208 and provide the same campaign number. The first 45 days is when 20% of your order comes back to the shelter. and 40% of an eCertificate purchase comes back to the shelter. After December 25th, the shelter will receive 5% of all orders.

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Please Note that beginning Dec. 1st, 2014,
we now have New Shelter Hours:

Monday - Closed
Tues.-Fri.  Noon-6pm - Adoptions & surrenders until 5:30pm
Sat & Sun  Noon-4pm - Adoptions & surrenders until 3:30pm

Our Mission:
The Humane Society of Kandiyohi & Meeker Counties believes there is a unique and reciprocal bond between humans and animals that can be a vital and positive influence in society. Because of this belief, we provide a safe and sheltering haven for lost and abandoned animals pending placement in a suitable permanent home. We also promote responsible care and training for household pets through education and public awareness.

What We Do:

We rely on our supporters and volunteers to save the animals of Kandiyohi & Meeker Counties. We provide assistance to stray and abandoned animals as well as to continue educating the public about animal care and the importance of spaying/neutering.

In 2009, a long-time goal was achieved with the completion of a new shelter. This has provided us with the opportunity to care for more animals and expand our services. Our new building has certainly been a dream come true and we must ensure that we continue to use it wisely and efficiently. This is where our members play such a vital role at the Shelter. With the generous donations from our members, we are able to provide shelter, food and love to animals awaiting a permanent home. As a non-profit organization, all things we strive to achieve are made possible by your generous contributions of time and monetary gifts.

Located a missing animal with a microchip?
The AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool works by checking the databases of participating pet recovery services to determine which has registration information available for a microchip. Enter a microchip identification number into the tool, and within seconds a list of all the registries with microchip registration information will be available.
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